5 areas of the body where melanoma develops most often

The most common type of melanoma is skin melanoma, but often a dangerous tumor develops in other parts of the body. And it is important to know what you need to pay attention to to “catch” the disease at an early stage.

Up to 3.5% of cases of melanoma – the most aggressive form of skin cancer – are formed under the nails. The most common symptom of so-called subungal melanoma (or melanoma of the nail) is a dark brown or black vertical line on the finger or nail. This line does not cause concern, does not cause pain, but if you notice something like this, it is important to consult a dermatologist-oncologist as soon as possible. Other symptoms that are also worth paying attention to: darkened skin around the nail or cuticle, blood or pus under the nail, cracked nail plate.


Retinal melanoma is the most common type of eye tumor in adults. The tumor develops and grows very quickly and therefore it is important to see a doctor at the first sign. Attention should be paid to such symptoms as pain in the eye, visual disturbances, redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, tearing, increased intraocular pressure.


The skin of the lips is very delicate and thin, it is constantly exposed to the sun, but we often forget to protect it from ultraviolet light. It is necessary to address to the doctor in case of detection of defeats of a mucous membrane of lips which do not heal in any way, and also incomprehensible spots.

Gastrointestinal tract

Melanoma affects not only the skin but also the mucous membranes. About a quarter of all cases of the disease occur in the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Tumors here develop quickly and are able to spread to nearby organs. A doctor should be consulted in case of any unusual symptoms, as well as in case of pain, bleeding from the intestines, as well as sudden hemorrhoids that do not heal for a long time.


Genital mucosa – in both women and men – is another place where melanoma often develops. Symptoms that you should pay attention to: incomprehensible formations on the surface of the mucous membranes, ulcers that do not heal or take a long time to heal, pain or just unpleasant sensations, bleeding.

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