Terms & Conditions

Support Policy

We provide choise to install module without assistance or to install by our specialist for additional fee, using professional installation option. If you choose self-installation that supposes that you are responsible for successful installation and we don’t provide support in this case. Only in some cases we can support customers who wouldn’t choose professional installation and only at our discretion. If you choose professional installation we implement 6 month support for every extension purchased from our site. We garantee serviceability of each our module but note that we tested modules only in standard magento theme so there can be some contradictions with other themes.



Further versions and upgrades of the Product which Customer is utilizing might be available at additional cost. We are not responsible for inopportune notifications when new versions or updates of extentions are available. Instead of it we update description of the module to include note that module was updated so customer can see it and requests needed updates. You also can take out a subscription for mailing so you will know when there are any updates.




Customer may demand a refund for any Storeextentions extension within a 15-day period from the date of purchase. We garantee full serviceability of each our module and garantee to fix any problems appeared due to not standard themes. We provide screenshots and necessary description to help customers to deside they want to buy or not. Also customers can ask any questions using Contact us functional.
We are not responsible for the unjustified expectations of the Purchaser.
Our extension 100% corresponds to the extension on demo site.
While making a purchase you confirm that you have read the description of the extension and tested the extension on demo site and confirm that you are satisfied with the functional extension.
We only guarantee that our modules work correctly on a default Magento theme!


If customers found any bugs they are entitled to demand immediate fix of it. Our support team is obliged to switch to resolving issue in the first place. As soon as possible after fix we provide our customers by fixed module, changed description of the module to include note that module was updated.



We are the copyright holder of the Software. The Software or any part of the code is copyrightable and liable to protection by the law. You are not permitted to sell, give, rent, distribute, sub-license,  lease or lend any part of the Software to anyone. You are not permitted to use any part of the code in whole or part in any other software or product or website. Buying the module you are responsible for any leakage of information. You are permitted to use modules only for your website. Any activity that breaks terms of this Agreement violates copyright law and will be prosecuted according to the current law.