Magento extension News serves you with an attractive theme to the articles
which results in drawing your customer’s attention to your website.
Other than using it for News, this extension can also be used
to provide documentations or manuals of the products or any other
data with multiple forms at a time.

This Magento extension News enables you to have maximum hold of the
admin over the management of the News. This Magento extension
enables the website owner to attach image to the News.

– administrator can enable or disable News extension (default enable)
– administrator can choose News per Page (default 5)
– administrator can choose Position “Last News” Block: left, right, none (default right)
– administrator can choose Number of items in the “Last News” (default 5)
– administrator can add new News. Fields: Title, Url, Image, Short Description, Description, Status.
– administrator can edit News.

Magento Community Edition Compatibility:

– 1.4.1.*
– 1.4.2.*
– 1.5.0.*
– 1.5.1.*
– 1.6.0.*
– 1.6.1.*
– 1.6.2.*
– 1.7.0.*
– 1.8.0.*
– 1.8.1.*
– 1.9.0.*