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A Magento extension Testimonial from a satisfied customer is the most persuasive means
that you have at your disposal to convince a customer that you are
legitimate and that you have a track record for success.

A website is an online business card and it is astounding how many businesses
are not utilizing testimonials to promote their business.

The use of testimonials is even more important with the wide-spread use
of search engines as the primary vehicle to find your business on the internet.

Search Engines use words to rank sites and organizations.

The more relevant content you have online, the higher you are ranked.

Testimonial magento extensionis a help the store owner to display
the valuable testimonials of people.

We often get feedback from customers who have bought a valuation from our website.

- administrator can enable or disable Testimonials extension (default enable)
- administrator can choose Testimonials per Page (default 5)
- administrator can choose Admin Email
- administrator can enable or disable E-mail notification (default enable)
- administrator can choose Position Testimonials Block: left, right, none (default right)
- administrator can choose Number of items in the "Testimonials Block" (default 5)
- administrator can enable or disable Web address in the "Testimonials Block" (default enable)
- administrator can enable or disable Date in the "Testimonials Block" (default enable)

- PHP option JSON activated on your hosting

Magento Community Edition Compatibility:

- 1.4.1.*
- 1.4.2.*
- 1.5.0.*
- 1.5.1.*
- 1.6.0.*
- 1.6.1.*
- 1.6.2.*
- 1.7.0.*
- 1.8.0.*
- 1.8.1.*
- 1.9.0.*


Free Updates:

Module Version 1.0.0
Magento Community Edition Compatibility 1.4.1.*, 1.4.2.*, 1.5.0.*, 1.5.1.*, 1.6.0.*, 1.6.1.*, 1.6.2.*, 1.7.0.*, 1.8.0.*, 1.8.1.*, 1.9.0.*
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