We provide free instruction on setting up  Paypal Client ID and Paypal Secret:


For example we use Magento Extension Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, LinkedIn, Microsoft connections (7 in 1)


1)  Go to the https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/applications/myapps

Press Create App button


 Press Create App button



2)  Enter App name  

Press Create App button



 Enter App name. Press Create App button



3) Switch to the Live mode



 Switch to the Live mode



4) Go to section LIVE APP SETTINGS

a) Fill Return URL (Callback URL): http://yoursite.com/fiveconnect/login/paypallogin

b) Open Advanced options in Log In with PayPal section. Select all checkboxes


c) Fill Privacy Policy URL and User agreement URL





5) Once the application is created, you will get this:


  You get Client ID, Secret



You will need the Client ID, Secret and Return URL (Callback URL) to configure your module